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updated  2022-04-17

For all three platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS), it may be sufficient to download the latest executable file beginning vichrr- and ending -win.exe, -linux, or -mac.dmg, resp., from releases section on github and launch it. No administrator/superuser rights are needed.

See below for the specifics of different platforms if needed. Continue with Connecting otherwise.


The execution may be blocked by your system, because it cannot verify its origin. You may need to click on More info and then Run anyway in an opened dialog. For more info about security, see below.

If the application is not working properly, you might have disabled Exclusive mode access to sound card. It is needed for elimination of delay caused by sound mixer. Until the application is closed, sound in other applications will not work.


You may need to set executable flag to the binary, depending on your desktop environment.

For older versions, portaudio package may be needed.


If you have Intel or AMD cpu, it should be enough to open the downloaded DMG disk image and double-click the executable in it.

If you have newer M1 cpu, or the executable is not working, you may use the provided script vichrr-compile-mac.sh to compile the application yourself; this may however take a little longer.

After downloading the script, save it to your desktop, open Terminal application and write there the following two lines:

chmod +x Desktop/vichrr-compile-mac.sh

The installation may take several minutes and the terminal will likely ask for your password to install applications. After finishing, a new icon may appear on your desktop.

The script installs

For later update of the script-installed version write to the terminal:


Is it safe to execute the downloaded file?

In general, executing randomly downloaded files from the internet is the most common way, how malware may infect your computer or even the whole company network.
It is thus appropriate to verify the address, from which the application is downloaded:


If you trust GitHub and me, it is safe to run the downloaded file.

In the opposite case, you may download the whole source code, read it to verify that no malware is present, and compile the application on your own.

The same caution is of course needed every time, you download some applications from the internet. The difference is that they usually originates from known companies, which thus seem trustworthy. On the other hand, the source code is often unavailable and the trustworthiness is then the only guarantee of safety.